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Brisbane City Council has maps of its bikeway network available on its website [1]. It also has a separate ‘Active Travel’ set of maps that show more detail, but are only available in paper form. They are available at the Transport Information Centre, and can be requested online through the fix-o-gram service (under "Publications").

Gold Coast City Council also makes its bike maps available on the web [2].

The Department of Transport and Main Roads has a list of where to get maps for other areas [3]. is a Google Maps-based site that lets you create, share and find individually mapped routes between particular locations.

BrisCycle is an OpenStreetMap-based site showing on- and off-road bike routes. It's locally developed and includes additional information such as CityCycle station locations.

Ride the City is an OpenStreetMap-based journey planner tailored for bicycles. Originally from New York City, it also has specific coverage of Brisbane.

OpenCycleMap is an OpenStreetMap-based site showing bicycle routes. Although still UK-oriented, it shows bike routes around the world.

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