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This page higlights problems, short comings, non-compliance and dangers present on cycling infrastructure in Queensland. The purpose is not only to warn cyclists of these dangers but to provide a repository and record of details to assist having these problems fixed and ensuring that they are avoided in future infrastructure. Links to the relevant Cycling routes where these problems exist are provided if available. Problems are titled and ordered with their Suburb - Street to assist where a particular Councillor or Authority is responsible.


On Road Infrastructure

Includes bikelanes, shared road areas, as well as roads and highways with no specific cycling infrastructure or treatments.

Dedicated Bikeways

These are off-road, usually concrete or bitumen paths for the exclusive use of cyclists and specifically exclude pedestrians. These also include paths where the bike lane is adjacent to a pedestrian path and signs and/or other treatments designate the separation. These bikeways are designated by their official or commonly descriptive name.

Shared Pathways and Footpaths

General Issues

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