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The information on this web site cannot be guaranteed to be correct or complete. It is gathered from many people and can be altered by anybody at any time. Any opinions on this web site may not be based on fact and should not be considered an official position of any entity.

As with just about anything in life, cycling carries with it a degree of risk. This web site may describe cycling routes or practices that have an even higher level of risk. Regardless of any recommendations that may be present on this site, at all times it is your own responsibility to evaluate the risk you are taking and make your own judgements about whether you are willing to accept that risk. It is not the responsibility of this site to make that judgement for you.

References to points of law should not be considered professional advice. Some practices mentioned on this site may not be legal; this site does not endorse those but it is up to you to confirm the legality of anything you do. Consult a solicitor for professional advice.

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